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The only blue life that matters!


Hand inked and digitally painted by James Yusufi, this 11x14" art print is dripping with frustration. The Black Lives Matter movement isn't over, and support for it's policies has decreased since the summer protests of 2020 when I started working on this. Buying this print won't change that. And I know it's not super helpful to show a white ubermensch solving issues that come from a system build on a foundation of white supremacy and individualism. 


But it can be a reminder that we all need to keep this issue in the light. To keep standing up to a system that's designed to resist change. We all need to fight, regardless of race. We're all in this together. Until black lives truly matter, none of them will.


A portion of proceeds will be donated to mutual aid funds.

Superman 2020 - 11x14" Print

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